Coursework Assessment for Business Planning and Development

Coursework Assessment for Business Planning and Development

Coursework Assessment for Business Planning and Development


Assessment for Business Planning and Development


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Business Planning and Development


Coursework can be submitted any time up to23:59
on the 12 August 2013.

Assignment in place of failed presentation/Escalator Pitch


up to 1,300 words, create a plan to help achieve your business leadership
potential. Components of this plan and
presentation should include:

1. Discuss your assumptions and
beliefs as a leader. Discuss how these have changed or evolved while studying
business planning and development. You
may refer to business gurus such as the CEO of Starbucks and provide a synopsis
of what you have learned from that individual.

2. Create a personal mission
statement including talents and abilities you possess.

3. Discuss and define how you
will use the strengths you currently posses to become and effective business

4. Include the theories of
leadership and models that inform and support your philosophy of leadership,
and the reasons for these as your focus.

5. Identify and discuss key short
term (next 6 months) and medium term (next 2 to 3 years) goals and define the
type of activities that you will do to achieve these goals. The goals must be business orientated and may
discuss anything from starting a business to obtaining a job in management in
some particular industry.

6. Discuss whether gaining financial
independence is important. Create a budget
for yourself. Show the cash inflows and
outflows in your budget.

7. Research and discuss least five potential
financial investments you might make to help accomplish your goal of becoming a
business leader. Calculate the future
value of the investments using the estimated interest rates you anticipate for
each investment. Discuss how planning
for financial growth will assist you in become a business leader. How will it help you start other
businesses? How will it help you to
manage a business.

8. Establish a timeline for each
element of your business leadership plan and plot your goals and supporting
activities along the timeline.

9. Define and discuss how you
will build accountability into your plan. Who will support you? How can you
hold yourself accountable from swaying from your plan?

10. Define and discuss your ideas
of how you will incorporate technology as a means to enhance/strengthen your
leadership style (be sure to include a discussion of why technology and the
appropriate use thereof is essential). You may discuss social networking and
how you intend to build and protect an online reputation.

11. How will you measure your
leadership? What metrics will you put in place? Think of goals and specific

12. Please provide a summary of
what you want to accomplish as a leader: for yourself, for those you work with
and for, and for the wider society.
Please include a discussion of social justice.

Please plan for building a way of thinking that helps you continue to practice
the continuous process of critical reflection.

Marking Criteria:

– Good introduction,

– Excellent of citations, especially with regard to leadership styles,
potential investments, and social networking.

– Clear and accurate referencing (according to the Harvard system)

– Clear and logical explanation and discussion

– Clear reflection on the items listed in the assessment

– Good business English

– Independence of thought and

– Good conclusion

– Style and Presentation of the report

Coursework Assessment for Business Planning and Development